All of This Really Happened

All of This Really Happened

Published by Querido, 2022

Illustrations by Kees de Boer

Today Cees is going to read a book in the garden, together with her cats. The sun is shining, and there’s a swing bench in the garden. It’s lovely and peaceful. But then the woman next door starts talking to her dog. Really loudly. And it turns out that her neighbour Matthijs is having a DIY day. With drills and grinders and that sort of thing. The noise becomes NOISE. And Cees? She gets angry. REALLY angry.

This story really happened. Don’t you believe it? Well, it’s true. Just read it for yourself.

A book for beginning readers published in Querido’s Tijgerlezen series.

‘This clever meta-fictional game for children makes Dit gebeurde allemaal echt one of the best titles in the “Tijgerlezen” series. Not only does it offer children a hilarious reading adventure, it is also a very successful introduction to the power of fiction and proves that laughs and literature go together nicely.’


‘A funny learning-to-read book by journalist and professional bookworm Joukje Akveld.’

de Volkskrant

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