Mister Hummeling Is Looking for a Wife

Mister Hummeling Is Looking for a Wife

Published by Hoogland & Van Klaveren, 2017

Illustrations by Noëlle Smit

Mister Hummeling doesn’t really know why he doesn’t have a wife. His neighbour has a knobbly nose, his friend likes to wear flowers, and his brother has an even weirder first name than Mister Hummeling. But all three of them have wives.
Maybe I’m not looking hard enough, thinks Mister Hummeling.
So he takes his pink checked coat from the coat rack and goes in search of a wife.
Noëlle Smit has taken good care of this shy bachelor, making him into an endearing walrus with gleaming buckled shoes.
Mister Hummeling: such a lovable fellow!

'Joukje Akveld has written a simple feel-good story with a pleasant ending, in which the understatement is striking.'


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