What You Won’t Find in Your Parents’ Safari Guidebook

What You Won’t Find in Your Parents’ Safari Guidebook

Published by Gottmer, 2020

Photos by Ariadne Van Zandbergen
Won a Vlag & Wimpel
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Here you go.
This safari guidebook is for you.
Not for your parents, your dad, your mum, your stepparents or guardians – they have their own guidebooks. There are more than enough safari guidebooks for adults. But for children?
Anyone would think the African savannah was just for grown-ups!
In this book you’ll find facts about African animals that your mum and dad most definitely don’t know. Such as:
That the artists who worked on The Lion King got Pumbaa all wrong.
What makes the citrus swallowtail butterfly a master of disguise.
Who’s on the list of the ‘Shy Five’.
And how unfair hyena-bashing is.
Find out what it means when a buffalo gives you ‘that look’. Who the BFFs of the bushveld are. And what you should do if you ever meet a grumpy hippo.

During the course of her research for this book, Joukje Akveld visited more than 60 national parks and game reserves in Southern Africa.

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'Joukje Akveld is herself the type of “Well Trained Guide” she recommends to young safari-goers.'

NRC Handelsblad

'Akveld’s material contains one astonishing thing after another.'


'Witty and compelling.'

de Volkskrant

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