Whose… Is That?

Whose… Is That?

Published by Gottmer, 2015–2018

Illustrations by Thé Tjong Khing, Annemarie van Haeringen, Philip Hopman, Martijn van der Linden & Charlotte Dematons

Rights sold to China, Chile, Mexico, Iran

  • Pre-school series based on the question: Who or what belongs here?
  • The drawings for each book were created by a different well-known Dutch illustrator


Eight seemingly simple brainteasers, but thanks to the clever concept and splendid interplay of images, this series is much more than a collection of learning books. The drawings in each book are by a different famous Dutch illustrator, so very young readers are also introduced to a wide range of work.

'A brilliant series by Joukje Akveld, who makes the work of Dutch illustrators accessible to the very youngest of readers.'


'Simple ideas are often the best. A very fine series.'


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